Do you believe in Spiderman or Superman?  If you do, maybe you should disregard this post and video.  Supermom falls under the same category.

The expectations are high.  We are expected to have:

  • Meals prepared to perfection, warm, and table set
  • Kids up, dressed, fed, and family devotion and prayer said together before dropping the kids at school (first car in line, NEVER tardy)
  • Everyone picked up after school with a smile on our face while asking well-prepared questions that provoke our children to spill out all the wonderful details about their day
  • Healthy after school snacks, always
  • Playtime
  • Homework time
  • The whole family around the dinner table, eating a home cooked meal and sharing stories about our day
  • Nightly devotions and prayer, every child tucked in with plenty of time to spare for laundry, dishes, cleaning out book bags, and preparing lunches

Who sets these expectations?  We do.  That’s right, we do.  We do it to ourselves.  We set expectations only a super mom with super powers could meet.

Why? We expect ourselves to be perfect and never fail.  This will never be achieved.  No one is perfect, and God gives us much grace in our imperfect moments.

Who created this picture of Super Mom?  The world has.  Super Mom is a make-believe character.

Take the advice of this real mom in this video, Let Supermom go (psst…she doesn’t exist anyway).  Be a real mom— a mom that your kids can relate to, have conversations with, and see Christ in.  Be real and enjoy every moment.

PAYH Staff

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