Where do you think your children are doing the most learning? Is it from you? Their teachers? Or are they learning from the internet? While the internet is a great tool that has allowed us clear off our book shelves from those 26 volumes of the encyclopedia that we used to have to dig through to write an essay for school, it has also opened up a world of limitless knowledge that is not always beneficial.
Hear how one young man learned some skills on the internet that led him down a path that neither he nor his parents could have ever imagined.

Tips for keeping your child safe online and on their phone

  1. Just because every 7, 8, or 9 year old on the block has a cell phone does not entitle your child to one. Wait until they have demonstrated that they have the maturity to handle the technology in their hands.
  2. Check, check, check the browsing history on your home computer and cell phones that your child uses to ensure that they are not viewing inappropriate content. (HINT If the history has been cleared, then your child is probably trying to hide something. This is a HUGE red flag!)
  3. Read your child’s text messages and browse through their photos. Build a relationship that allows your child to understand and embrace transparency.
  4. Have “unplugged” time as a family. Walk away from the computers, collect the cell phones and iPads and put them in a drawer. Take some time as a family to do activities that do not require electronic devices.
  5. Become an expert at any electronic device that your child uses. It seems as if children are born with an innate ability to operate any electronic device that we put in front of them today. (You’ve seen them, the 2 year old in the stroller playing games on an iPad or iPhone.) If you don’t understand how to use a device or the potential dangers that they possess, don’t allow your child to use it.

What tips do you have for keeping your child safe on computers, cell phones, or other devices?

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