Paul Anderson Youth Home: Your Solution for Troubled Youth

Are you looking for a residential program for troubled youth, with a safe and caring environment to help them find their path to a brighter future? Paul Anderson Youth Home is dedicated to providing the most effective counseling, support, and renewal for troubled youth. We offer numerous programs and services tailored to their unique needs.

Why Choose PAYH?

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mentor to young men ratio


of students receive scholarships with no state or federal funding


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of students graduate from high school

Our Services:

  • Counseling for Troubled Youth: Our experienced therapists specialize in working with teens and young adults in crisis, providing individualized counseling to address their emotional and behavioral challenges.
  • Residential Treatment Program: Our group home for teens and young adults offers a structured and nurturing environment where residents can learn essential life skills, develop healthy relationships, and build a foundation for success.
  • Mentors: Our mentors instill discipline, self-confidence and responsibility in troubled youth while fostering communication, teamwork and personal growth.
  • Therapy for Troubled Teens: Our team of dedicated licensed therapists offers various therapeutic interventions to help troubled teens navigate their challenges and develop a positive outlook on life.
  • A Supportive Community: At our rural campus in Vidalia, Georgia, every member of our professional faculty and staff supports the goal of guiding our residents toward overcoming obstacles and reaching their full potential.

Paul Anderson Youth Home understands the unique struggles troubled youth face and we are committed to helping them overcome adversity. If you’re searching for a solution for your family, we are here for you.

Contact us today to learn more about our programs and how we can provide the support and therapy your troubled youth needs to thrive.

60 Years Of Building Generations Of Strong Families

The Paul Anderson Youth Home in Vidalia, Georgia is a Christ-centered, fully licensed and accredited home offering a second chance to young men since 1961. The Home focuses on helping transform the lives of troubled young men and their families from all over the country, meeting them at their point of need, and providing a Christian home environment in which they can rebuild their broken lives through a process of recovery, restoration, and redemption.

With a friendly Southern style and a beautiful campus, the Home works with young men between the ages of 16-21. Although the majority are facing some form of incarceration, instead of serving time, they are learning to serve one another and the entire Home. As long as they are with us, they get up every morning run a mile and then go to a morning job on the campus; everyone has a specific responsibility. They cook and clean for themselves, have Bible Study and devotions, and attend our fully accredited, on-campus school, to complete their high-school education, and if eligible some even take online college classes. Their fundamental lessons are rooted in building Christian values and a tenacious work ethic.

We provide a holistic program that involves setting focused, individualized goals, tracking their progress, and maintaining accountability for all parties involved (mentors, social workers, administration, and the young man himself). Individual Service Plans (ISP) are tailored to meet each young man’s specific needs at the physical, emotional, mental, social, and spiritual levels.

A second chance for struggling youth

Paul Anderson Youth Home in Vidalia, Ga., transforms the lives of young men and boys aged 16­–21 who are facing incarceration. Our holistic approach includes an accredited education program, emotional and substance abuse counseling, anger management, physical fitness, and spiritual development in a Christ-centered environment. Our experienced Mentors actively guide residents to better decision-making, life skills, and responsibility. Individual goals are set, progress is tracked, and accountability is maintained. The results have been remarkable.

For more than 60 years, Paul Anderson Youth Home has been more than a group home for troubled youth. In addition to giving over 1400 young men and boys in crisis a second chance at a fulfilling life, the cost to society is reduced as well. According to a Vanderbilt University study calculated in today’s dollars, the economic impact of Paul Anderson Youth Home has been calculated to be in excess of $2B.

Our Program



Spiritual Development

Spiritual Development

Transition Program

Transition Program

Educational Opportunities

Educational Opportunities

Addiction Treatment

Addiction Treatment

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At Paul Anderson Youth Home, I learned how to put others before myself, as well as the joy that selflessness brings. I also developed a solid work ethic and am now very driven to succeed.


At PAYH I have rebuilt myself both physically and mentally, and have improved my relationship with my entire family.


The Paul Anderson Youth Home is one of the best things that could’ve happened to me. It repaired and mended broken relationships in my life and in my family and got me back on the right track.

Stearne Pope

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