Frequently Asked Questions

The purpose of PAYH is to help transform the lives of troubled young men and their families through Christ-centered services.

Each day we focus on the following with each young man:

  1. Plant God’s Word in their lives and discipline them through mentoring and modeling
  2. Provide therapeutic counseling and substance abuse treatment
  3. Offer a fully accredited high school and vocational training
  4. Support our graduates in the long term through our Transition Program

The PAYH “SHAPE UP” program, designed by our founders, Olympic Gold Medalist Paul Anderson and his wife Glenda, emphasizes:

S – Spiritual Guidance

H – Honorable Work Ethic

A – Academic Excellence

P – Physical Fitness

E – Emotional and Social Development

What does The PAYH Residential Treatment Program Include?

  1. Individual Service Plan (ISP): Based on each young man’s personal needs, the ISP is developed by a multidisciplinary team to address his specific issues.
  2. Individual, Family, and Group Therapy Sessions: Conducted by our licensed counselors, therapy sessions address critical areas such as spiritual development, substance abuse, and anger resolution.
  3. On-campus, ACSI / SACS Accredited High-School: Young men can earn either a high school diploma or GED through our SACS / ACSI accredited school and can also obtain college credit online through Georgia’s Dual Enrollment Program.
  4. Vocational Training: By introducing our young men to various skilled trades, they have the opportunity to learn the basics of agriculture, landscaping, food- nutrition, mechanics, carpentry, plumbing, and welding.
  5. Practical Life Skills: In order to teach our young men to be independent, productive citizens, they learn important skills such as applying for jobs, basic auto, and household maintenance, and managing a budget.
  6. Transition Program: Recent graduates are in a uniquely vulnerable position, but with proper follow-up and support we seek to help them successfully transition back into society and avoid becoming a statistic.

The average stay is between 14 – 18 months

We serve young men across the United States.

We serve young men between the ages of 16 – 21.

  • Males ages 16-21
  • Unruliness at home, school, and the community
  • Legal charges or risk of legal charges (this is not mandatory but helpful in getting a young man to us)
  • Chemical dependency issues that do not require detoxification
  • IQ of 85 or above

1603 McIntosh St, Vidalia, GA 30474

We are blessed to receive funding from private sources, which include individuals, corporations, foundations, and churches. PAYH does not accept or receive any government funding.