What is Addiction?

Addiction is a physical and psychological inability to stop using a chemical, drug, activity, or substance, even though it is causing physical and psychological harm to the one using the chemical or substance.

“An addiction heavily impacts the way a person thinks, feels and acts. Many individuals with addictive disorders are aware of their problem, but have difficulty stopping on their own.”


Nearly 90% of the young men who come to PAYH suffer from some form of drug abuse or addiction. Upon entering the program, young men undergo an assessment and our clinical staff develop and implement a treatment plan based on their individual needs. This will include individual and group counseling as well as participation in evidence-based programs such as the following:

  • Motivation For Change – A six-stage model designed to help those who do not yet recognize their need to change

  • MRT/Moral Reconation Therapy – A cognitive development class that challenges errors in thinking

  • SMART Recovery – A cognitive based approach to challenge the behavior and thinking of drug use and addiction

  • Finally, our young men attend support groups such as Celebrate Recovery, and often continue to do so after graduating.

  • Risk Reduction – Avoiding triggers and red flag situations, developing new friendships and habits, and changing one’s surroundings

  • Coping Skills – Methods to control and fight cravings when faced with the urge to use

  • Cognitive Development – Challenging existing thought patterns and introducing new ways of thinking about one’s addiction

  • Total Abstinence – The ideal result of addiction treatment, leading to a clearer mind, a positive direction, and a healthier lifestyle


After a young man graduates from the program, it is important that he be prepared to resist and avoid a potential relapse. By using aftercare connections such as Celebrate Recovery, Alcoholics Anonymous, and Narcotics Anonymous, the young man is able to utilize a support structure to keep him on-track and accountable. We also assist with the creation of a contract between the young man and his family in which they agree on how their relationship will proceed. This includes expectations for both parties and means of maintaining accountability. Finally, we engage in periodic follow-ups with our graduates and their families to provide assistance and guidance as needed.