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After 19 months, Jackson finished the PAYH program. He began as an atheist, but in November of 2018 he had a personal encounter with Christ, who saved his soul and made Jackson a child of God. Hear his testimony in his own words below:


Our prayer for every young man that comes into our home is that he will come to know Christ before he leaves. Will is proof that God is faithful and that He always keeps His promises. He may have begun his time with us as a staunch atheist, but on »


At one point, Tait had decided that he had no need for an education. At PAYH he realized that not only did he need to finish school, but he desperately needed Jesus Christ in his life.  In May 2019 Tait accepted Christ and was baptized in the campus pool. Now, »


In Caleb’s own words, he never went an hour without thinking about leaving PAYH. In fact, it was only recently that he decided to leave the right way (by graduating). Hear Caleb’s story in his own words below.


Ridley didn’t want to listen to authority, whether it came from his parents, his teachers, law enforcement, or judges. Eventually, he found himself in a predicament that only God could help him through…


When his mother passed away when he was in 7th grade, Travis became angry with God. He drifted away from his faith, began to act out, and found himself in trouble in short order. At PAYH, he found the help he needed and got his life on track.

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