The first five years are a critical time in a child’s overall development.  Within this time frame, a child can embrace one of two realities:  he/she grows up experiencing love and security and trust in his parents or he/she is not held and nurtured… he/she is placed in the arms of strangers who are not connected to him/her… his/her family is torn apart by rancor, insecurity, turmoil, abuse, alcoholism, divorce… he/she lives with step-parents in whom he/she feels no bond and step-siblings whose presence threaten his/her place with his natural parent.

If seeds of love, security, and trust are planted early, the child’s inner spirit is literally welcomed into life, which can be seen in his/her face.  He/she is a child who knows within the depth of his/her being that he/she is cherished and wanted.   The other type of child; however, like many of those who come to the Paul Anderson Youth Home, grows up with an emotional vacuum or hole in his/her heart, and by the time he is a teenager, that vacuum is filled with rage.

While the most critical time in your child’s overall development is the first five years, if you have already passed that window, do not fret.  Today is the most critical time in your child’s life.  It is never too late to love and nurture your child.  What will you do today to reach your child?

Proverbs 15:13   “A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance: but by sorrow of the heart the spirit is broken

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