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This title is Gloria Steinem’s statement that provided a mantra for the feminist movement in the past century.  Possibly, Eve could have said something similar after Adam excused his own sin in answer to God by blaming her! The historical account is that Eve succumbed to the cunning of Satan and first ate the forbidden fruit. But then Adam did not give up much of a fight when Eve offered him the fruit God had told them not to eat; they simply did not take God at His word and rebelled against Him. Later in the Scripture, though mention is made in one place of Eve sinning first, the Scripture most commonly declares, “Adam sinned. In reviewing biblical anthropology in the relationship of men and women by both God’s instruction and by example throughout Scripture, Adam also rebelled against God by not providing protection for Eve in the Garden. He knew Eve was bone of his bone and flesh of his flesh, implying that he should love her as himself, and protect her just as he would himself. God had created and established this first marriage, and consequently the God ordained institution of marriage, and likened it unto the relationship which His Son Jesus has with the church He dies for. Christ loved the church and as her eternal warrior He protects her against her enemies. The lesson in all of Scripture is the God divined truth that man has the responsibility to protect women, and by clear extension of the weaker vessel principle, children.
We saw this in action in an Aurora, Colorado theatre last week. Three boyfriends gave their lives to protect the young women they had brought to the theatre, putting their bodies between the gunman and his bullets and their girlfriends. In this case, as in all others, Gloria Steinem is simply wrong, and always will be. Jesus said, “Greater love has no man than that a man lay down his life for his friends. This is the kind of love God expects from men in the protection of women and children. Unfortunately, the culture of the world presents an abysmal example of man listening to God. Spousal and child abuse, divorce, prostitution, sex trafficking, rape, sexual assault, abortion on demand are nearly entirely laid at the feet of men and their unwillingness to protect women and children. Women get in the act too, but the weight of the responsibility falls on weak men whether husbands, profiteers, johns, politicians, government leaders, military leaders, thugs, criminals, you name it. And the culture by and large approves of the behavior. The bulk of the feminist movement simply throws gasoline on the raging inferno.
The responsibility of men to protect women and children is a truth that we, men and women, know by natural instinct. Some have so convinced themselves of the opposite that they deny the law written on the heart of all to pursue a philosophy of the world with a seared conscience. But make no mistake about it; in their heart of hearts they know this to be true. Peter says that we are to live with women, wives, “according to knowledge. The knowledge of which he speaks is both the knowledge of what is written on the heart concerning what is right and wrong, and the special knowledge of God and His revelation which leaves us completely without excuse. Either our hearts condemn us or the law of God, even if we claim we are ignorant of the Word of God.
Protection involves both the threat over time when not seen that more slowly has an injurious impact on the family, women, and children and also the threat of a sudden crisis. Both arise from a mindset firmly fixed on God’s commands. If we men do not focus on the protection which a life style environment produces, we may not respond with courage in the seconds of crisis. Life style godly living is much more likely to provide the necessary quick thinking and action when the crisis moment comes. A faithful warrior is always thinking defense and preparedness for those he loves. Jesus prepared Himself for attacks by making time with His Father and in His Word.
Now as much as any time in history is the time for men to be men![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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