In recent years some scientists who also claim to be Christian, and who still believe God to be the Creator of the universe, have been declaring that the science of origins, particularly the human genome project, has proved “beyond a shadow of a doubt (scientists’ typical claim for their own authority and inerrancy) that we did not come from two original parents. Consequently, they are convinced that an actual Adam and Eve, as described and affirmed in the Bible, did not exist. At most they say the mythical Adam and Eve represent about 10,000 humans from whom we all genetically descended. Of course, to retain some semblance of the authority of Moses, or Luke, or the Apostle Paul they claim these Bible authors were simply creatures of their time, and despite Christ and the Scripture’s own testimony of the inspiration and inerrancy of their writing, they were simply unenlightened.
As a college freshman in the 60’s one of my required reading books which I have not forgotten was entitled Science is a Sacred Cow. It has proven to be remarkably accurate and amazingly prophetic through my next 47 years; years of further post-graduate study and wide reading. Its content concerns the fallacy that the mere word “science in the minds of most everyone, especially those who think of themselves as “intellectuals, equates to absolute, unassailable truth, despite the fact that scientists have had to eat their words repeatedly throughout history in many arenas. That is not to say that scientists have not been right about many things learned through research and accurate application of the scientific method; and that in so many areas they have advanced the knowledge of man in discovering the astounding truths of God’s intricate creation. But modern scientists seldom talk of their failures, or mitigate the arrogance they espoused prior to being proven wrong. Humble is a characteristic found in precious few scientists today. Humility wins few research grants and does not advance one’s work in the eyes of fellow scientists who demand conformity to their own prevailing view. The very fact that Darwinists who rule the realm of public education, universities, and museums will not countenance the slightest mention of the many thus far unbridgeable gaps in Darwin’s evolutionary theory, will not allow any of those gaps to be taught or discussed, is in itself damning evidence to the integrity of the unbiased scientific process required to reach a conclusion true to the universe as it is, or was, or will be; the fact that they viciously scorn and judicially expel the presentation of any reasonable opposing theory such as Intelligent Design exposes the weakness of the ground on which they have chosen to take their stand.
This is not an insignificant matter to the readers of SFTD. Many of your children or grandchildren, and so many with whom you associate are being inundated with what they are told are scientific facts proving the Bible in essence to be inaccurate, outdated, and unreliable. “Trust us, not the God of the Scriptures, is their cry. The “science that has claimed that man is increasing the temperature of the globe in an alarming fashion and that restrictions can be placed on him that can reduce this warming significantly has been exposed to be fallible; accompanied with distortion, intimidation, and deceitful manipulation. What would be the motivation to do this one might ask? Power, status, and hundreds of billions of dollars accruing to their own personal aggrandizement! In the 1970s, assuming many have either forgotten or are under 45 or 50, we were told by the scientific community that the world was headed toward a new ice age.
The Book of Revelation does not present a pretty picture of the future of this present earth, so global warming, or freezing, neither of which are specifically prophesied in Revelation, unless global warming is equated to destruction by fire, may be more preferable to the apocalyptic judgment described by the Apostle John. When these “scientists and “philosophers of self-proclaimed intelligence actually see Adam and Eve face to face, along with believers such as Moses, Luke and Paul at the judgment seat of Christ, nary a word will need to be said to prove their error. I doubt they will even say, “But, but, but . . . . . . Mouths will be shut before the One who is the Way, the Truth, and the Life; the One who said, My Word is Truth!
A firm foundation to undergird any scientific exploration or hypothesis is described by the Apostle Paul in 2 Timothy 2:15: “Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a worker who has no need to be ashamed, rightly handling the word of truth. It served scientists like Galileo, Copernicus, Isaac Newton and so many others quite well; and it will serve you in whatever your calling, to not be ashamed at the judgment.

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