Ask Me Lord
by Paul Anderson

I told the Lord I was ready to do something so great
For this call from Him I would prepare, pray, and diligently wait.

I said it could be anything big that He wanted to see accomplished and done.
Unlike Jonah on the way to Ninevah, I would never turn and frightfully run.

If like Moses He wanted or needed me to lead others from bondage, I was sitting on ready.
Or as Joseph, I would bide my time and gain true power by being patient and steady.

Oh, if he needed a modern day Gideon, I would assemble the choice and lead them into battle.
Yes, anytime God wanted a knight on a white charger I would be tall in the saddle.

Maybe our Lord desired a twentieth century Paul, so I volunteered to go to foreign kingdoms and share the Word.
But even if it were a new Samson required, I could show real strength from this call I had heard.

Waiting for God’s call, I found a young boy who had only streets on which to roam.
I figured while I was preparing to do something great I could provide for him a home.

Then there were others, youth with the same need who constantly came to search for me.
Now the years flew by but God never gave the fine vision I was longing to see.

This is how it has been as my dreams were invaded by hundreds of young lives through the years.
They have kept me occupied providing for their needs and drying their lonesome, bitter tears.

Then I asked God why he had not given me some great task as I viewed my aging face in the mirror one day.
The answer then thundered back loud and clear, “I did when I sent that first angry rebellious boy by your way.

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