What do you do when you want something or someone to be, or change, or something good to happen, and you realize you do not have the power or wherewithal to bring it to pass? We have all been in situations like this throughout our lives. We have agonized when we could not save a loved one, or change a child who has grown into a rebellious adult, or alter circumstances we desperately want to see positively different. Men and women of faith turn to the One who alone has the power and authority to speak and remedy the situation for our good.
In the beginning of all that is visible to the human eye and beyond our capacity to see, of the entire universe, of all creation, which we observe and live in and have our being, God spoke and this universe was from nothing. Nothing! Evolutionists can come up with no answer for the “beginning. They flail all over, jumping from one porous answer to another, which is never an answer which ever holds water. All their answers fail to find scientific rationale which fits what is and what has been from the beginning. One famous atheist-evolutionist came up with the irrational answer that aliens brought life to earth billions of years ago. So where did the earth come from to which the aliens came, from where did the aliens originate? His “answer is no answer at all. They make themselves foolish in their denial of God as the creator of all things material and all things spiritual, that is, except Himself, the triune God who is infinite. Faith is essential to our believing and understanding of God as the speaker whose word and power and authority actually caused all things to be, and then sustains them by His power.
Jesus during his ministry on earth learned of a person, not a Jew, and said of him that he had never observed such faith in any man or woman, not in all of Israel. Think of all those greats in the annals of Biblical Israel. He was a Roman centurion, and sent messengers to Jesus asking for the healing of his dearly loved servant who was about to die. He said it was not even necessary for Jesus to come to where he and his servant were. He said, “Just speak the word and he will be healed. He said he understood authority in his capacity as a centurion, and that Jesus had far greater authority, and could just speak the word and it would be done.
God, the Father, has said He has given all authority to His Son. We know that His Son was at the creation at the Father’s side, and in His own capacity as God brought all things into being. (Colossians 1:16) As the centurion understood authority so must we; the authority of God, the authority of Jesus, the authority of His Word! We have no authority in ourselves except when we believe and act in accordance with His Word. Our own solutions are fraught with failure when their source is not the Word of God. It is so difficult to learn this critical lesson, because we are so keen on our own authority and our own solutions.
You want change in yourself and your situation; change in your family; change in your community? Change starts with one, true. But that one must go to the source of all authority, and submit to Him and His Word and believe Jesus has the authority to speak and bring something out of nothing. God’s Word, Jesus’ Word, stands between you and change for your good, the good of your family, and the good of your community. Ask Him for change, hunger for His Word, read it and show you believe it by doing it. No lip service! This is where change receives power and where things begin to happen in the right direction. But you need to understand what this centurion understood about where real authority lies. Not with you, but with God and with His Son. Nothing good or permanent will happen apart from Him speaking it into being.

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