It’s hard being a parent. Isn’t it? There are no handbooks, and sometimes it feels like we’re stumbling through this parenting thing barely sure of how to handle issues or how to respond. Our children certainly don’t help our parenting security when they tell us, “You don’t understand me.” “You don’t know what it’s like to be me or what I’m going through.”
But we do understand. We can identify. Sometimes all too well.
Being a parent is unlike any other relationship. It’s the one relationship where we truly have the other person’s best interest in mind. We see in our children what they can become. We see who they truly are. But most importantly, we see what makes them unique.
Now, we might want to correct their behaviors, the things that we so easily recognize in ourselves, but that’s not who they truly are, because they are different from us.
So, today, what one word best describes your child? That one trait that makes them unique. Are they wise? Are they loving? Are they tender? Are they encouragers? Are they people of integrity? Just come up with one word and then find an opportunity today to praise that trait that you see in your son or daughter, that thing that makes them truly unique.
If you want to see change in your children, encourage the positive.

Change always starts with one.

Make a contribution today that will provide a second chance for a young man.

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