Join us as we bring change to families across the nation
Before Jonathan’s arrest, he had a huge impact on the college campus where he was studying and selling drugs. No one had any doubt when he was taken into custody of all the problems he had caused.  Lives were impacted because of the choices he had made.
Jonathan came to the Paul Anderson Youth Home (PAYH) after four months in jail because he needed help. His life was in chaos and he could not fix it on his own. We provided him with a place that forced him to be real and take a long look at himself.  He changed and that change took place because our program invaded every aspect of his life so that he couldn’t pretend he was “okay anymore.  All who know him are ecstatic to say that Jonathan is not the same person who came to the PAYH.
In the same way Jonathan’s negative behavior had affected others, his remarkable transformation at the PAYH has an impact that reaches well beyond Jonathan himself. His family is different. His parents will attest to that.
Jonathan is a husband now and will soon be a father. Already he recognizes how being at the PAYH has caused him to relate differently to his wife than he would have before coming here. He recognizes that his child will be deeply impacted by the changes that took place in him while he was with us.
Change begins with one at the PAYH.
Change begins with one at the PAYH.  However, it doesn’t ever end with just one person.  No one can truly measure the breadth or how far reaching the impact is of those who have been transformed while in our program.
One thing is for certain: when you invest in the Paul Anderson Youth Home, you are investing in individuals, families and communities.  You are making a footprint and leaving a legacy for others.
No one exists in a vacuum. Our lives affect everyone around us in some way. While it is easy to see the negative influence, it takes time and a willingness to look for the positive.  Isn’t that what we all crave, a hope for something different and a chance to see a changed life!
Thank you for helping us support boys like Jonathan and countless others.  Your support of what we do gave us a chance to build a relationship with him founded on hope, love, honesty, and grace.
That’s why we do what we do and why we ask you to join us. Thank you for believing with us that your gifts will have an impact today and tomorrow.
Join us as we bring change to families across the nation

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