Does your child deserve complete privacy?

The Myth

One use of the “rod in early shepherding practices is that periodically the shepherd would examine each sheep, by opening the fleece with the rod and running his hands over the body. A good shepherd will feel for any signs of trouble such as tumors or parasites. Similarly as good parents, we should be ever ready to use our “rod of discipline to keep our young ones in line, as well as take the time to carefully examine each child for areas in his life that will cause him danger if not removed.

To detect troublesome behaviors requires us to become much more alert to every facet of our child’s life. God made us parents for a purpose, and we need to have our antennae up all the time. If, for example, you sense your child is having a conversation with someone he should not, I believe it is our responsibility to listen. Our child belongs to us, and we must be diligent to guard him from dangers. That may mean checking up to see what he is doing on the Internet, reading his diary, reading notes thrown away in the trash can, reading music lyrics that he is listening to, and randomly checking his bedroom and vehicle. Though they may seem extreme, take whatever measures necessary to protect your child.

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