By Stephen Leonard

So much of Jesus’ life presented in the Gospels appear to be contradictory events and facts, but when studied in light of Old Testament prophesy, these are all exactly in line with God’s plan. Holy Week begins with the Triumphal Entry of Jesus into Jerusalem accompanied by shouts of acclamation and praises from the people, and the same week ends with so many of them shouting, “Crucify Him! Crucify Him!” 

The Triumphal Entry was just like a King entering His capital city to be coronated as the celebrated ruler of his people, and ends days later with his tortured death on a cross with these words written in three primary languages, Hebrew, Latin, and Greek, on the top of that cross; in jest or by God’s plan, Jesus is “The King of the Jews.” Jesus was acclaimed and vilified by the same crowd. “Hosanna” and “Crucify” on the same lips.

Peter, the leader of Jesus’ disciples, vehemently expresses his devotion to Him, while Jesus tells Peter in response that before the rooster crows, he will have betrayed Him three times. The other disciples, then cowering in fear, remain totally silent while Jesus is falsely accused, battered, tortured, and put to death before them and before the people. They claimed they loved Him, but in crisis, they did not defend Him. 

Isaiah 53 and Psalm 22, among many other passages, speak of Jesus as the suffering and dying Servant. And yet this same Jesus is declared “the Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace!”, in Isaiah 9:6. Apparent contradictions? Or the “Righteous One” is both the suffering Servant-Savior and He is as well the Almighty God! God’s plans often appear from man’s perspective to be contradictory, but in His sight, they are a consistent sovereign plan; a plan which cannot be thwarted. 

Your journey and mine begin with actual contradictions due to sin, but is a story moving toward a non-contradictory ending. If we love Him, will we do what He commands? Will you defend Him when compelled by others to confess Him as your Savior? Our world is truly coming to a place when the test of your faith will be made paramount in your life. 

Our God, our Savior, is not a God of contradictions. He suffered. He died. He rose and defeated death and sin in accordance with a Sovereign plan. He reigns forever as your Mediator and Redeemer. 

Will you confess Him as your Savior and Lord in the terrible face of promised, fierce persecution? Life brings you such a confrontation, as it did to Peter and the Disciples. You need to prepare for this battle. We need to put the contradictions in our lives aside and live in the constancy and discipline of His grace. A crown awaits those who overcome. 


“Crown Him with many crowns, the Lamb upon His throne. Hark! How the heavenly anthem drowns all music but its own. Awake, my soul, and sing of Him who died for thee, and hail Him as thy matchless King through all eternity.”

(1st verse of Matthew Bridges’ hymn, “Crown Him With Many Crowns,” 1851)

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