Before a couple has a child, the husband and wife need to seriously count the cost of the responsibilities of parenthood.

Are both of you willing to sacrifice your own desires and place the needs of your child first?

Are both of you willing to spend time playing with your child and teaching him/her right from wrong?

If one of you chooses to stay at home with your child, can you meet your financial obligations or will you need to cut back on what you are spending?

Because 90% of all divorces are the result of financial problems, these questions need to be addressed before you have a child. By discussing this before you have a child, you can firmly establish your priorities. If your priorities are not at the point where you are willing to make sacrifices for a child, don’t have one until you are ready. Parenting not only takes commitment but also self-sacrifice.

If you are not willing to make these sacrifices, your family will reap the consequences during the teen years.

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