[vc_row][vc_column][vc_cta h2=”Looking Forward to a New Year”]Caleb-ThumbnailIt was an active and eventful holiday season for the young men and staff at PAYH. While Thanksgiving and Christmas are always enjoyable times to be with our PAYH family, for me a highlight of the year is watching our young men in the PAYH Christmas Play. It’s always entertaining to see them on stage, interact with them backstage before and after the play, see their excitement and nervousness prior to being in front of a large crowd, and their pride and relief following their performance. It’s a joyful way to begin the Christmas season.
We are looking forward to the experiences and challenges a new year brings. We are continuing to improve and expand parts of our program, as we strive to provide more individualized care for our young men and their families. We are planning on adding courses to our vocational training this spring, beginning with an introductory wood shop class. Currently, several of our young men are in their second semester studying welding and are working toward their second certification. Training has begun for the Chick-fil-A Road Race in March, where about half our young men will compete in the 10k race and the other half in the 5k. It’s encouraging to see them push themselves physically as they strive toward their goal of finishing among the top runners.
As we move into 2018, I hope you’ll continue to partner with us in prayer as we undertake the calling God has placed on our lives – to plant His Word in the hearts of young men and make an eternal difference.
A changed life is priceless!
Caleb Leonard, Administrator[/vc_cta][vc_cta h2=”Stories from the Home”]

The fountain in front of the big house was frozen solid as the snow began to fall.

The young men enjoyed a number of interesting activities during their time off from school. They made wreaths and gingerbread houses, played laser tag, raced go karts, and even participated in a “survivor competition that included building primitive huts with no tools.
The following week, temperatures plunged and, on January 3rd, the PAYH campus was blanketed in a light covering of snow. The water fountain out front was frozen solid, and our young men (some of whom had never seen snow) had a blast playing in the snow.[/vc_cta][vc_cta h2=”Upcoming Event”]Race-logo-10k-5k-1-mileWhether you’re a competitive runner or enjoy a casual stroll, there’s a place for you at the 3rd Annual Chick-fil-A Vidalia Road Race. Benefiting both PAYH and Winshape Camps in Vidalia, the race is already on track to raise more than $25,000 for these two ministries this year. Sign up at RunVidalia.com and visit the race’s Facebook page at Facebook.com/RunVidalia.
For sponsorship information, contact Victoria Shuman at 912-537-7237 or vshuman@payh.org.[/vc_cta][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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