The American Civil Liberties Union said the court had “done the right thing” by addressing the “egregious and extreme overcrowding in California’s prisons.”
David Fathi, director of the ACLU national prison project, said “reducing the number of people in prison not only would save the state taxpayers half a billion annually, it would lead to the implementation of truly rehabilitative programs that lower recidivism rates and create safer communities.”
Amazing that people really think this way. Completely devoid of reality as the ACLU truly believes that this reduction will allow a culture change to suddenly occur amongst the thousands of people working in the prison system!? Are they willfully ignoring the reality of how difficult it is to change a culture and a mindset that already is established and has been in existence for years?
Without a doubt, you can predict that California’s prison population will return to this size again and ultimately, the threshold for laws in California and elsewhere will continue to change because capacity does not exist. Hence, it will continue in our society that what Judges state, will not be held as true as very few laws or punishments are ever really adhered to. A three year sentence is really only equal to 18 months, etc. The issue illustrated here in the release of these prisoners is merely indicative of a systemic problem that no amount of capacity will solve.,0,2337401.story

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