I would like you to take stock and answer this question: when have you tried something new? A sure sign of deciding that being past forty is well down the road toward ineffectiveness is never to tackle any additional goals or accept any new challenges. This does not always have to be something major in life such as changing professions or going into some type of risky financial situation. It can be made up of a lot of simple things or even only a few. You can look into a new sport, some type of physical activity in which you have never before participated but find challenging, and feel that it will not only help physically but also open a new mental and social horizon.
Learning for the sake of learning is not the worst idea in the world. Reading, studying, and even memorizing will help the mind stay active and be a gracious recipient of new knowledge. Always stay sharp, so that the knowledge you have aquired over your lifetime will not simply be “stored away” but can be immediately recalled. Constantly review the things you have studied and learned. There is very little worth in learning something if you do not use it again.
Fighting age has to do with every part of who we are. We all grow older: it happens every day. The more active we are, not only physically but mentally as well, we are better equipped to meet the challenge of growing older.

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