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Just outside our window we have hummingbird feeders allowing us to watch the fascinating and spectacularly painted creatures that dart magically about in the air. But this is the time of year when their visits become  infrequent and soon come to an end. These tiny creatures will, not in flocks, but singly, migrate south, some in flight across the Gulf of Mexico, to Central America, as far south as Panama.  Their northern habitat in spring/summer is as far north as Alaska. We should expect the same hummingbirds which leave our tree and go over 3,000 miles south to return to the same tree and feeders next spring. Amazing! And scientists cannot figure out their homing devices, or the migration sensors of monarch butterflies, or the spawning map ingrained in each individual salmon. 
Adam was certainly aware who did this before computers or laboratories or trillions of tax dollars granted for study of these things. The first man, considered ignorant and primitive by the brightest anthropologists, was given by his Creator the task of naming all the creatures that lived on the earth, and he didn’t even graduate from high school. But remember he was created immediately “in the image of God! Do you expect him to be an ignoramus with God as his Creator and parent? God, who created these amazingly diverse and fascinating creatures and the homing devices in them to traverse thousands of miles to the exact bush, could certainly direct them to Adam one by one for the naming process given to Adam as a glorious task by God. The same intrigue of the Designer and Creator of all was evident in bringing the creatures to Noah to enter the ark. Many scientific critics see this as pure poppycock or at the best an allegory of something more, well, “scientific in their estimate, spread over eons of time and education of the ignorant and brutish forebears of mankind into the “brilliant theorists of our day; whose very lives show the perfection of triumphing over the circumstances of life and living victoriously. Of course, you catch the sarcasm, and, will gain a truer observation and perspective, hopefully.
David in Psalm 139 tells us that we are “fearfully and wonderfully made. That is true for Adam and it is true for you! We do not exhibit the gratefulness for the wonder that God made in us and with which he wonderfully made us. Each human creature was made in God’s image with fear and wonder; even those who never see the light outside of a womb.  
God formed Adam from the ground and, as he lay formed, but inanimate, He breathed into him the breath of life, a soul, that unlike all else in His creation bore His own image, with a conscience, the law of God written on his heart. Only man among the creatures is a moral creature with a responsibility to use his life for God’s glory, but with the ability to spit in His face. That responsibility of how you use your life, and whether you are truly grateful to God in word and deed for being fearfully and wonderfully made, is being lived out by you today. This day you will either spit in His face, or you will live unto Him with the gratefulness of one who knows the truth and loves the One whose image you bear. Hummingbirds reflect God’s glory today; shouldn’t you?[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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