I have a child who is angry.
One of the greatest responsibilities parents have is to consistently discipline in order to drive foolish behaviors such as anger out of a child. This is not an easy task, because, according to Proverbs 22:15, “the heart of a child is bound up in foolish behavior.”

In 1999, when the Columbine massacre occurred, although horrific, it should not have taken us by surprise: a caldron of rage has been built within America’s teens and continues to grow more volatile with each passing year. America is reaping decades of parents ignoring our parental responsibilities.

For many of our young men at the Paul Anderson Youth Home (PAYH), anger is an understandable emotion, though the eruption of that anger is inappropriate. The reason for the anger must be resolved!

There is an internal barometer that registers deep inside a person when his most basic needs are not met. When these needs are not met, the person cries out with inner pain…anger…at what should have been his. As that barometer rises year after year, the result is a volcano of emotion known as rage.

One of our biggest challenges at the PAYH is to help our young men understand that this inner need is very legitimate. God placed it there. Along with that recognition, however, comes the responsibility for him to find more healthy ways to express that anger. We teach our family members that no one in this life truly gets all his needs met, because we are all basically sinful people who fail every day to meet the needs of those around us. We also teach them not to look at themselves as life’s victims and wallow in self-pity, but rather forgive others who have not met their needs. Whatever the circumstances, we must learn to walk through them with determination and an attitude of never giving up.

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