I have a child who is apathetic: he just sits around the house and does nothing.
An apathetic child is more difficult to help because there is no emotion, no fight, no will to do anything.

If your child is apathetic, schedule an appointment with a physician to rule out any physical problem. A teen needs proper nourishment, and much more sleep than at any other time in his life.

The hormonal changes taking place in his body often take a toll on his emotional equilibrium. Where one child may rage, another may be inert and apathetic. A child’s apathy may be a covert manifestation of anger. This apathy is demonstrated by passive-aggressive behavior, which is very subtle.

In a sense, the child is saying through his apathy, “My parents want me to do such and such, but nobody can control me. I just will not do what they want.” Deal with this behavior in the same way as if he was angry because that is exactly what this form of apathy is.

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