I have a child who is constantly talking back.
The underlying source of talking back is rebellion, and it should not be allowed under any circumstances. Your child is talking back because you have not been consistent in holding your child accountable. This invariably leads to problems.

Talking back/being disrespectful is what the Paul Anderson Youth Home considers to be one of the six indicators that your child could be headed for trouble.

(Other signs are disrespect, disobedience, association with questionable friends, disregard for rules, and love for music with lyrics that feed rebellion.) If a child is allowed to get away with any of these, his behavior will digress. If he shows no respect for the authority of his parents, he will show no regard for any form of authority in school, the workplace, and/or society, much less God. He is walking on extremely dangerous ground. To stop this trend, you need to be consistent in holding your precious child accountable.

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