I have a child who is lazy.
Laziness results when parents require nothing of their child. It is easier for parents to do things themselves rather than take the time to teach their child and work with him while he learns. Teaching a child a good work ethic is one of the most wonderful gifts a parent can ever give him. A child should be taught from a young age that he is expected to clean up the toys in his room at the end of the day. As he ages, he should be responsible for making his bed, emptying trash, mowing the lawn, and participating in the chores around the house…without pay. He must learn that to maintain a home requires work, and everyone needs to help.
Teaching a proper work ethic involves six steps:

  • Explain in detail how to do the job
  • Let him do it
  • Check the job when it is finished
  • Praise him for the things he did right
  • Give instruction on the areas that need improvement
  • Have him do the job until he does it well. Well does not mean perfectly. We discourage our child if we do not accept him for the level of ability that he has.

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