“I have a child who listens to music that has references to killing, violence, and sex.
The situation you describe is one of the 6 key indicators that your child is in trouble. Those signs are the following:

  1. Disrespect showing little regard for your rules or your feelings
  2. Disobedience stretching the rules, or challenging them
  3. Talking back
  4. Association with questionable friends
  5. Disregard for coming in on time or heeding curfews
  6. Love for music with lyrics that feed rebellion

These behaviors should be totally unacceptable. If your child is allowed to get away with any of them, his behavior will digress. In regards to music, explain why you are taking this hard stand: this type of music is not welcome in your home. Remove it from your home and set clear, definitive consequences if he continues to listen to it. Depending on his age, he clearly has a choice: to be obedient to your guidelines, or leave home.

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