I have a child who tells me what he thinks I want to hear, then does what he wants to do.
This is deceit, which is lying. Deceit is one of those types of behaviors that uncovers a root of dishonor which, if not checked, will grow into a major character flaw that will destroy every aspect of a child’s life…and like a rotten tree that has been allowed to grow, deceit should not be tolerated. There should be consequences for lying.

Parents need to be very alert to this behavior. Does your child embellish the truth? Does he tell you he is going one place, only to find he was not there at all? Some parents say, “Sure, he lies occasionally…but he is basically a good kid. He is not like so and so down the street.” There IS no occasional lie. Even the smallest one belies an internal character flaw of a lack of honor and integrity. It often has been said that honor is the only gift a man can give himself. His word must mean something.

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