When Jesus came to a tree that was withering, it was obvious by its fruit. He did not mince words. Parents need to be able to tell by their child’s behavior if he/she is headed for trouble. Below are what I believe to be the six greatest indicators that your child is headed for trouble:

  1. Disrespect – showing little regard for your rules or your feelings
  2. Disobedience – stretching the rules, or challenging them
  3. Mouthiness or talking back
  4. Association with questionable friends
  5. Disregard for coming in on time or heeding curfews
  6. Love for music with lyrics that feed rebellion

These behaviors should be totally unacceptable. If a child is allowed to get away with them, his/her behavior will digress. If he/she shows no respect for your authority as his/her parent, he/she will show no regard for any form of authority in school, the workplace, and/or society, much less God. The only way a child can avoid this is if we as parents take our responsibilities seriously and drive the foolish behavior out of him/her. We must watch our children and be diligent stewards of them.

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