Warning signs that your child may be abusing technology:

  1. Suddenly turning off the phone, computer, or gaming device when you enter the room.
  2. If you have access to their Facebook account or share an e-mail address and notice a decrease in activity or fewer e-mails – this could mean they have set up another account.
  3. Lying about their internet activity, Facebook friends or suspicious posts or pictures.
  4. Usage of computers, gaming devices, or cell phones seems excessive. So instead of technology being a small part of their life, it becomes a time consuming highly valued and prominent aspect of their life which interferes with school, family and other healthy social activities
  5. They are no longer willing to share a password with you or change a password they previously shared.
  6. Internet history and or “cookies are regularly deleted.
  7. Highly defensive or annoyed when you inquire about their internet activity or use of their phone or gaming device.
  8. Secrecy about what they are doing on the computer, gaming device, or phone.
  9. Usage of computers, gaming devices, or cell phones at night or after bedtime.
  10. Unusual amounts of pop-ups begin to appear on the computer that your child is using.

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