At PAYH, we strive to be the BEST AT WHAT WE DO.  Maintaining a quality program that adapts to meet the needs of each new generation requires plenty of time, effort, and research.  One of the most important things we can do for a young man before he leaves is instill the proper work ethic, drive, and skills needed to succeed in a competitive job market.  Otherwise, he becomes much more likely to fall back into old habits as he struggles to find employment. 
Worker with Tools(1).pngThe pendulum in the U.S. job market is swinging back toward skilled labor.  In previous years, it seems we have invested in more college degrees than the market can support, and this trend is demonstrated by the statistics above.  Because of this, we are adopting a more wholistic approach designed to develop our boys into well-rounded, capable men with diverse employment options.  This summer, we will open our new VOCATIONAL SCHOOL, through which our boys will be introduced to various skilled occupations, allowing them to discover their talents and aptitudes through hands-on experience.  They will learn the basics of trades such as agriculture, auto mechanics, carpentry, plumbing, electrical, and many more, and will leave us ready to enter those fields at the apprentice level or pursue more advanced training programs. 

Our founder, Paul Anderson, understood that hard work leaves little time and energy for mischief and fortifies the mind, body, and spirit. By graduating our program with clear purpose and direction, our young men will have the best possible chance at success.  They will become assets to society rather than liabilities, and will lead a new generation of workers to ECONOMIC AND SPIRITUAL PROSPERITY.

Will you be a part of this initiative and help to provide new opportunities for our young men?  In doing so, you are not only INVESTING IN THE FUTURE of these individual young men, but also in both the United States economy and the Kingdom of God.
Change starts with ONE!
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