It is easy to miss the effects the culture has on youth until it impacts your child. Then it may as well be happening to you, too. It is no longer just a statistic.  It is very personal when it impacts your entire family. That’s because there is nothing we do in life that does not affect someone else.  When one member of a family struggles with depression, drugs, alcohol, or any high risk behavior, others in the home are impacted too.  It is not simply the sleepless nights that a mom, dad, or a grandparent endures; it influences sisters, brothers, and cousins.
No one exists in a vacuum. Our lives affect everyone around us in some way. While it is easy to see the negative influence, it takes time and a willingness to look for the positive.  Isn’t that what we all crave, a hope for something different and a chance to see a changed life!
We are here to partner with you and your family in making a difference in your home, your community.  So we are asking you to partner with us in getting the word out that we are here to help.  To save youth that are in crisis.  To assist families who need hope.  To offer resources to communities on how to handle the challenges that this culture throws at us.
Change always begins by taking a simple step.  The challenge may seem overwhelming, but that does not mean that change is impossible.  There are opportunities every day to make a difference.  You can provide hope to one person!
Change begins with one.
Change begins with one at the PAYH.  However, it doesn’t ever end with just one person.  No one can truly measure the breadth or how far reaching the impact is of those who have been transformed while in our program.
One thing is for certain: when you invest in the Paul Anderson Youth Home, you are investing in individuals, families, and communities.  You are making a footprint and leaving a legacy for others.
Your support of what we do provides us with an opportunity to build relationships that are founded on hope, love, honesty, and grace.  Thank you for believing with us that your gifts will have an impact today and tomorrow.

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