In the news on September 9th, there was an article about 4 Pennsylvania 10th graders who had taken an herbal supplement called “SNURF, and wound up being hospitalized. Where had they bought them? A drug dealer? A friend? An older sibling? No, they purchased the pink pill online over the internet.

I’ve talked about this before, but individuals who want to get high, will make every effort to do so, often with that which is most readily accessible and easy to purchase. While according to WebMD, the active ingredients are not exactly clear, message boards seem to indicate that it has DXM in it. DXM, is dextrompethorphan, a synthetic morphine.
In the data that we are measuring with young men at the youth home, we see more and more young men whose drug of choice are prescription pills. There has even been an occasion when they have tried regular household spices in an effort to get high. Taking herbal supplements, spices, over-the-counter medication, and prescription pills are incredibly dangerous and can be life-threatening.

Look at what is around your home with greater awareness. Be engaged with where your teenager is going on web and who their friends are.


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