Patrick came to the PAYH in the fall of 2010 from Savannah, Georgia as an 18 year old.  A tender-hearted young man who began to experiment with drugs and alcohol at the age of 15, Patrick sought approval from friends that were following a similar lifestyle.  As he went down a path of destruction, Patrick began to change.  Patrick’s behavior caused a deterioration in his relationships with his family and at school.  When he came to the home, Patrick arrived as an angry young man who could not control his anger and emotions.  Over time, the tender-hearted young man who loved the outdoors, animals, and gardening began to reemerge as a transformation took place.  As God changed him, Patrick learned to control his feelings, how he expressed himself, and began to earn the trust of those he loves and who love him.  He graduated in June after 19 months in the program with a high school diploma and will be going to college in the fall after going on a mission trip.

Success Stories