Rhett Rhemann of Clarksville, Tenn., is a dedicated public servant in his community. He’s also a father who works hard to be a role model to his children. While his own drive and relentless determination are just a part of who he is, the opportunity to be the kind of man he is could not have happened without the influence of Paul Anderson Youth Home.

“I was kicked out of school in 10th grade and becoming unmanageable. Then, after some run-ins with the police, I ended up at Paul Anderson Youth Home,” Rhett said. “The men there showed me who I could be and how to love myself.”

Typical of most young men at PAYH, Rhett went through an adjustment period before his rebellious streak waned. Through Bible lessons, schoolwork, and additional chores and responsibilities, he finally came around. What struck him was the unrelenting efforts of the staff.

“No matter how much of a pain in the butt I was, they still loved me. I learned a lot about how a Christian man should live,” he added.

After graduating from Paul Anderson Youth Home, Rhett had to adjust once again. He made his share of mistakes but eventually landed a lucrative position as an army contractor. Determined to follow the example set for him, including a desire to serve, he joined the fire department. Responding to calls and helping people felt good, but the need to do more resulted in him working toward an EMT license. The work and the training had him going non-stop. He was serving his community but felt another calling of responsibility.

“I had to make a choice,” he says.

Rhett felt he was missing too much of his sons’ lives. He changed his job to a logistics position that allowed community service and the opportunity to spend more time with his sons and help them avoid the mistakes he made.

“I wanted to be more like the men at Paul Anderson Youth Home who helped me,” Rhett explains.

Rhett is one of six distinguished alumni recognized by the youth home as true success stories, living productive and positive lives, and being named “Gold Medalists for Life.”

His commitment to family gave him an additional perspective on how PAYH can transform lives. He notes that not only does the Home help the individual young man in crisis, but it does wonders for their grateful families, too.

“The boy who comes here comes out a different man,” Rhett added.

The PAYH success stories span decades, with graduates found all over the country. For more information about Paul Anderson Youth Home or donate, call (912) 537-7237 or visit www.payh.org.

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