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Have you been personally called?

Not many of us have a calling like Moses punctuated with a burning bush that is not consumed, or a brilliant light from the skies that temporarily blinds us as Paul, but your call is just as individual, just as notable, just as amazing as theirs, not because of you, but the “amazing-ness” of the call rests in the Caller. The fact that the God of the Universe, the eternal, infinite God called you individually is what makes it notable, powerful, and dramatic to the audience that counts in the courts of heaven. Apparently, it is both a great joy and a mystery to the myriads of angels who inhabit the heavenly realms and look on us with wonder. The drama in the world’s eyes may reside in the miraculous burning bush, or the laser beam of light from the heavens, but the real drama, the exceptionalism, rests in the One Who called you and that He does call you; not the visible-to-the-world manifestation of your calling.
So, consider your calling! That is what God asks you to do. Do not belittle His call of you by saying, “Who am I?”, or comparing your call to Moses or Paul, or their accomplishments; theirs or yours, the glory is the Lord’s. The real value does not rest in your eyes or the world’s, but in God’s. This is what Paul, inspired by the Holy Spirit, is confirming in this text. God calls you individually, not based on your personal attributes whether you see them as commendable or not, whether or not you consider your talents as your personal identity to set you apart from the crowd, but what God can and will do in you. If you are in Christ, you have been called, not unto salvation alone, but into service; and your particular calling does not rest in what you think you are or have, or where you come from, or whether you think you have anything to offer, it rests in God, and He will provide the substance of your calling, not you.
Just know this, that you are to believe by faith that He called you, and consider and pursue your calling with humility. If you belittle your abilities, what you think you have to offer, you are boasting in yourself just as much as the one who thinks they have much to offer, and exceptional talent to display to the world. Both attitudes are actually boasting in you and not where, in truth, it is due alone. It is true God calls His church corporately, all who are in Christ, to serve in His kingdom, but He accomplishes this by calling us each individually to be a part of the body.  Just because your family follows Christ does not by association alone make you a part of the body, you must be called by God and respond by faith to His personal calling of you; to salvation and to service wherever He places you, and for which he will fit you.
Your calling by God is essential for salvation and service; and it is personal. God calls individuals, individuals create families, families create communities, communities (congregations) make up the universal church, and the church is the eternal fellowship of the saints. But it all begins where you are concerned with you personally, and your calling to be the Lord’s. Consider your calling!

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