My heart is deeply burdened today for the loss of parenting skills in this generation of young people who have become parents. They have not learned God’s Word, so they do not understand His directives in the “How To of the seeds they plant as they mold their children.

I believe that much of the child’s molding will take place during the first five years of his life. Therefore, it is imperative to plant the seeds in this precious young child that will produce the greatest harvest.

I often see young children who “talk back to their parents with no understanding of the disrespect they are exhibiting: they have not been taught the meaning of respect. At these times, it is very evident to me that the parents have not been consistent in their “seed planting. Allowing children to be disobedient is a great disservice to them. Requiring respect provides wonderful security for them to trust and rest in their parent’s decisions as they grow older. This will also have a great impact on those to whom they will go with their fears, problems, and concerns later in life, as well as, whether or not they will have respect for the laws of our land.

Many times, I have heard the term that we must “pick our battles. Perhaps, for some this works, though I do not feel that it holds true. If the relationship between the parent and child is healthy and positive, as it should be, then there will be mutual respect with fewer battles and respect for those in authority. I am not implying that by raising your child in this manner, there will be no trials, only that it will be a more joyful journey.

This type of training starts very soon after a child is born. With heartfelt love and affection, the babe is nurtured. He must have a great deal of his parents’ attention and time, so that bonding, which brings forth security and trust, is established. The most important principle in this process is consistency. A parent’s “yes must mean “yes, and “no mean “no! Otherwise, the son or daughter can easily become a manipulator. God blesses us with His trust when He gives us a child to mold for Him. That is an awesome responsibility!

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