My favorite daily devotional, “A Slice of Infinity, has told the story of a young girl who was the victim of a horrible event that took her life.  In June of 2005, People Magazine entitled the article, “Justice for Samantha.”  The story is achingly heartbreaking as it tells how the tears of the 5 year old Samantha, were found on the car door lock, leaving her DNA and a trail of evidence that pointed to the killer.

Stories like this and what we saw with the shooting in Newtown, Ct. this past week do nothing but break the heart.  There are no words one could seemingly offer, no prayers that would seem sufficient.  How does one pray for comfort when tears flow like water?  It is our nature to forget, yet events such as the crime at Sandy Hook Elementary become unforgettable.  How is it that what we want to forget becomes etched in our memories?  Why is it that what we should remember is so easy to forget?

And so, during times like these, my prayer for the parents, families, and communities impacted are that they might remember joy.  That memories and dreams of laughter might ring in their ears.  That in a very dark, lonely, desolate, and seemingly hopeless time in their life, that they would somehow see the Light of Hope.

Their lives and our lives are forever changed by these events.  We are not alone or isolated from one another.  We are a community, made of individuals, families, each other.  Our independence likes to imagine that we can do this alone, but we cannot.  We cannot make this world safe for each other by ourselves.  We need each other.  Remember that!  Never forget that though tears fall like water, to some degree we all share the same hurt and pain as those that are around us grieve.

Today, like every day, love those around you.  Love your neighbor as yourself.  As an individual, find an opportunity to give hope to someone around you.  As a family, deliver joy to your neighbor.  As a community, be a light in the darkness.  Hope conquers fear.  Joy transcends despair.    Light pierces the darkness.

Forget the days when tears run like water.  Remember what you have been given this day.  Have courage.  Be strong of heart.  None of us walk through this alone.

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