You are well aware of our marketed culture. Marketing is everywhere, and knows most everything about you, your spouse, and your children. And now that the Social Media has capitulated in giving all your “private information to the government, you already know they’ve already long ago sold it to the marketers. TV shows, movies, clothing, toys, cars, every product and entertainment venue imaginable is focused on age groups from the cradle to the grave, and tailored to gender and each age to make the most profits; but also to create the culture they want through peer pressure primarily; by what they say is in, by what will make you popular in the world; a world that is most “up-to-date according to THEIR vision. The incentive is money, not “what is best for you, and each member of your family is specifically targeted. What is the role of the family in fighting back against culture?
The culture, also known as the world, has no interest in what God tells you is best for you and your children. Every family member is a target of this culture for the purpose of convincing you what to think, what to buy, and who to be. No family in the society is immune to its influences. But God makes it clear in His Word that Christian parents do not, thereby, need to be intimidated into thinking: “What is the use of fighting this for us or our children? We are powerless to prevent it! God would never have said what He has in His Word if He thought this were true. Most assuredly, He gives plenty of clear warning about the invidious culture, aka “the world, the flesh, and the devil, but He always gives the antidote to remedy those foul and destructive arrows. He points out a path to peace “like a river and righteousness “like the waves of the sea. There are very few serious parents who do not want such for their children and for themselves. They yearn for it! But are you willing to do what God says must be done to combat the world in which you live.
Isaiah 53:13 reads, “All your sons (and daughters) will be taught by the Lord, and great will be your children’s peace. It is possible! But God has placed every parent as His steward, as His teacher, to bring this to fruition. Yet not without the promise of His standing behind each parent who is committed to do what He commands. Isaiah 28:9 asks, “Who is it He is trying to teach? To whom is He explaining His message? To children weaned from their milk, to those just taken from the breast? For it is do and do, do and do, rule on rule, rule on rule, a little here, a little there. God may be here chiding adults who are so dull at learning His precepts, but He at the same time gives the pattern to parents on teaching their children from infancy on, that they might experience peace. There must be absolute truth, and there must be consistency and discipline, administered with love, and always based on God’s Word. But God backs this with the promise of effectiveness. It will work; it will accomplish what He promises; just ask parents who have done it, and know the results. They did not let the culture win over them or take their children prisoner.
All the trends, all the polls, point to what the culture is accomplishing because parents are giving in: children who will not accept God’s design for marriage between a man and a woman, saving the sacredness of sex for marriage; children who will support and have abortions; children who will be interested most in ME never others, including you; children who will conform to the pattern of this world, rather than being transformed by Christ, renewed in their minds, and consequently living in the joy of knowing the good, perfect, and pleasing will of God. The culture is capturing children daily. It will happen in your family, guaranteed; unless you take God at His Word, resist the world, nurture and admonish your children with truth and love; and see God accomplish what He promises through you in them. The promised result? Peace like a river which never stops flowing. For your children, this is worth everything!

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