The annual Super Bowl event becomes larger and glitzier every year, and seems to hardly take notice of any recession. It is the single largest sports event in North America. Only the quadrennial FIFA World Cup Final of world futbol (soccer) surpasses it in worldwide TV audience, with the exception of the opening ceremonies of the Olympics in Beijing and Princess Diana’s funeral. Some students of history have compared our modern day Super Bowl to ancient Rome and the “sporting events” in the Roman Coliseum. But critics of that comparison would say there is a difference between three hundred pound football players repeatedly smashing one another and trying to knock the other team’s quarterback out of the game with a crushing body blow, and gladiators fighting to the death or feeding Christians to the lions. Maybe so. But there is another aspect to the annual production of Super Bowl week that does not get any headlines and zero TV coverage. This aspect may well have some similarities to feeding Christians to lions, though these victims are not being martyred for their faith; they are being brutalized and systematically destroyed for their youth by savage beasts during the week of Super Bowl “festivities” in Dallas.
Along with the tens of thousands of “adult” prostitutes descending on Dallas, as they do each year wherever the Super Bowl is played, accompanying them are the monsters who deal in human sex trafficking of children. This year the FBI is sending an even larger task force to do what they can to “mitigate” the sadistic trade in human beings: children in bondage because few cared to come to their aid and break their shackles. Christian organizations are also coming to Dallas to do what they can to expose the so-called “underbelly” of the Super Bowl, and hopefully rescue some of these “little ones” being ruined by sin, and by those who come to Dallas for more than football. It is not a small, irrelevant segment of society. There would not be the number of prostitutes if there were only a few “customers.” This is not a national blight that cannot be fixed, but there isn’t the national will to do it, and there is not a national media worthy of being labeled “prize winning journalists” willing to expose it. In America alone the children being trafficked as sexual objects of perversion have been numbered in the hundreds of thousands.
Jesus’ warnings in Matthew 18 may be ignored on earth, but they will not be ignored in heaven. A day of reckoning is coming and apparently will come sooner than later as we see the marks of judgment already stirring in our country. Some have asked me, “If God is good why does He allow this to happen?” Don’t you think every American should be asking themselves, “If we are good why are we allowing this to happen?” We are not winning this battle of eliminating sexual trafficking of children; and we are allowing butchers like the abortionist Dr. Gosnell of Philadelphia to ply their trade in human slaughter across the land. God forgive us!
As you watch or don’t watch the game and the multi-million (and unusually average for the cost) commercials of the Super Bowl, can I ask that you pray for these children on the streets of Dallas, and for the Christians who are out there doing all they can to rescue these “little ones.” Fox Sports, who owns the rights to televise the Super Bowl, turned down an ad paid for by the sacrifice of many individuals of faith simply because it alluded to the gospel. In the well done ad, men watching the ball game on a couch saw the John 3:16 signs we all see at sporting events and asked “What is this John 3:16?” The ad simply directs them to a website where John 3:16 is written out and offers to answer any questions any might have. Too controversial, Fox Sports said, and refused to take the money and show the ad. They ought to at least stop the game and call for a moment of silence and prayer and concern for the children in bondage right outside the stadium gates.
An excellent primer to read before the big game is Isaiah 59. There you will find a real dose of reality.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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