By Stephen Leonard

“But for you who fear my name, the Sun of righteousness shall rise with healing in its wings. You shall go out leaping like calves from the stall.” Malachi 4:2

The sun and the Son! What relationship between this center “furnace” of the galaxy, which causes the earth to support life, and the Son of the Almighty God? How do they relate to one another?

The sun is a purposeful and mesmerizing symbol of the very Son of God. The sun is a very real part of the Creation. We would never live and move and have our being apart from the sun. 

The earth is placed at just the perfect distance from the sun in our galaxy to support life and cause the earth to be a most habitable place. We know of no other planet in the Universe, thus far, that has life such as the earth does. 

The sun provides warmth and light to us. The light rays from the sun provide for the growth of plants, for the life of animals, and for the lives of humans. Without the sun, we would never exist as we do. It is why the Creator placed the sun in “Earth’s sky,” along with its counterpart, the reflective Moon, which “controls” the night. The sun, you can truly say, gives true life to the earth. 

There is no question you believe in the sun. How could you not? You cannot fail to see it, be warmed by it, and know that our planet revolves around it, while drawing life from it. The Sun “rises” every one of your mornings in your relatively short life. 

There is a real question, however, of how many truly believe in the One whom the sun symbolizes, the Son of Righteousness. The sun is visible to all; the Son simply is not. The Son, however, is visible by faith, if not by sight. 

“Faith,” we are told, “is the SUBSTANCE of things hoped for, the EVIDENCE of things not seen” (Hebrews 11). Substance and evidence are things you can see, feel, touch, and handle. But you must exercise your faith to make it possible to know and love the Son. 

Those who believe in the Son have a living relationship with Him. They truly “know” Him. The relationship is intended to be intimate, ongoing, and ever-growing as life is experienced under all kinds of pressure, problems, and blessings. 

Life with the Son is never to experience hiatuses. The relationship is a constant one! “He never leaves you nor forsakes you” means just exactly what it says. 

Conversation with Him is akin to breathing. You never take a break from breathing, do you? Yet if you are to grow with Him, you must allot time in His Word; studying, meditating, memorizing, worshiping, asking; always desiring to know Him more than the day before. 

“To know Him is life eternal,” says the Bible. To “know” Him is so much more than just knowing His name. You can only know Him by pursuing Him as you would your spouse or one you love more than life itself. 

You cannot live without the sun, but it is more truly so, that you wouldn’t even be, without the Son. He is the Creator of all things, and He holds everything together, Colossians 1:16 & 17

He created the sun to sustain life, and it shines as a constant reminder of the Son of righteousness. When you see it rise in the morning, or go down in the evening, think of Jesus, who ever lives for you to be saved into His forever family. 

The sun is real, but the Son is more real. Your faith causes the presently invisible Son to become concrete in your life, the stalwart of all which is eternal. 

When the rays of the sun shine with warmth on your face, thank the Son who always causes it to be so, because He is your all in all!


“Christ, whose glory fills the skies, Christ, the true, the only Light, Sun of Righteousness, arise, triumph o’er the shades of night; Dayspring from on high, be near; Daystar, in my heart appear.”
(1st verse of Charles Wesley’s hymn, “Christ, Whose Glory Fills the Skies,” 1740)

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