A Word to the Wise
By Jeff Padgett, Ph.D.
Scripture Reference: Matthew 2:1-12

These wise men were looking for a sign they knew was coming. They weren’t believers, but spiritual people realizing & interpreting the time in which they lived.

They were following a star. A star so bright it even shone in the day. As they followed the star, they stopped by Jerusalem. (equating to our modern-day Washington, D.C.) They just assumed that the star would lead them to the Jewish capital. They knew a King was about to be born, so they assumed they would find Him in the most important city.

No Jerusalem, but Bethlehem. No palace, but a stable. No robes of royalty, but rags. Despite all this, they didn’t quit. They still worshipped Him and presented Him with gifts.

You ever been disappointed because God showed up in a way you didn’t expect? We need to learn three things from these wise men:

1. Wise men keep seeking and searching – Faith is a journey, not a destination! We have to keep going after God.

2. Wise men make first-hand discoveries – Jesus wants you to discover Him for yourself, not through someone else. God has no grandchildren. He wants a relationship with you. Period!

3. Wise men don’t quit – They didn’t let the disappointment of Jerusalem keep them from Bethlehem. Following stars sometimes leads to stables. God is most often in the stables. Found among the stench of animals and all the “fresh country air” that they bring. He was found in a less-than-sterile environment. There’s the old saying that says, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” In what was an environment of trash to the natural eye, the treasure of heaven was found—wrapped, not just in swaddling clothes, but in mortal flesh.

So the question you must ask yourself is, are we wise enough to find HIS treasure in our trash?

Stories from PAYH

One of the many values taught here at PAYH is what Leadership Coach John Maxwell would call a “360° Leader.” In other words, no matter what level you may be in life (job, home, ministry, etc.), lead from where you are. Don’t just wait until you get to where you want to be to lead.

Drake Jordan put this leadership principle into practice when he began his PT training for the United States Coast Guard. One of the requirements is to run a 1.5-mile distance in a particular amount of time. Drake was well fit to both run and pass the test with considerable time to spare.

On the day of the test, Drake finished the run in 10 minutes. This was somewhat of a surprise to his dad, John. John shared his disappointment with Drake over the poor time and asked him what happened out there. Then Drake began to share his reason for what seemed to be on the surface a lackadaisical run.

Drake told his dad that prior to the race, he was talking with one of the other recruits, The recruit mentioned to him that he had already failed the test twice, and this was his third time trying to qualify. Drake told the young man they could run together, and in the end, Drake hung back with the young man to make sure they would finish the race (and pass the test), together. And that they did.

Drake understood his most significant challenge wasn’t just to finish the race in a premium time period but to make sure he did not leave a man behind. This is how young men are taught at PAYH to prepare for leading in all aspects of life. We are so proud of you, Drake!

The Paul Anderson 2021 Christmas Family Extravaganza

We are both excited and amazed at how God’s faithfulness has brought us to the significant milestone of our 60th anniversary! During this Christmas season, we would love for you to join us in our continued celebration of God’s goodness and grace. Our annual Community Christmas Program promises not to disappoint by providing you sensationally fresh merriment for the entire family! And bring your appetite, as we will have a “Jingle Mingle” before the main program, a tempting assortment of exquisite, delectable Christmas goodies and heavy hors d’oeuvres. Rest assured. It will satisfy!
The always exemplary Reverend Don Moye brings to fruition a superb production for us all. It will feature PAYH staff, young men, alumni, and local talent. It is guaranteed to be a night of miraculous wonder as we celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! It is also a fantastic opportunity to invest in the kingdom of God and the lives of these gentlemen through the ministry of Paul Anderson Youth Home.
We hope you will join us as we celebrate the birth of Our Savior Jesus Christ!
For more information, visit Family Christmas Extravaganza.

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