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By Dr. John Geerdes

Dearing the most recent family visitation weekend, there was a special emphasis placed on the issue of “consistency.” The purpose, of course, was to encourage her sons to become consistent inappropriate behaviors, conduct, speech, and to encourage them to become consistent young men.

Consistency is a character quality that can make life better for oneself or for others. The antithesis is the lack of consistency will make one’s life miserable and make life miserable for those around them.

The lack of appropriate consistency can lead to disruptive behaviors within families, social relationships, relationships, personal and spiritual growth. Having said that, consistency is an extremely important character quality that PAYH is working to instill in each of your sons while they are here on campus.

Consistency also has a Siamese twin called “truthfulness.” Truthfulness from your sons has more than likely been a “big” issue in dealing with his behaviors. Truthfulness is what every parent wants and needs from their child and the older they become, the more important this becomes. The inability to that they can be trusted. Reliability also helps us to produce validity and what he is saying, which leads to an increase in trustworthiness between parent and child.

When I drill down to put this in a basic formula, I see consistency is leading to repeatability, leading to validity, which, in turn, leads to trustworthiness. This is all accomplished by a single act of being consistent in everything one says and does.

Having discussed this issue concerning your sons, let’s turn to ourselves as parents. It is inconceivable to think that as parents we can be inconsistent with words and actions, while at the same time expecting consistently appropriate good behavior from our children. Our children will learn far more from what they see us doing than they ever will from what we say to them. Therefore, they need a good role model willing to follow the same rules we are asking them to follow.

A good example of this is found in God himself. He follows the same rules that He has expressed in His word for us to follow. He who created this universe could do whatever He wants to do. He chooses to follow the rules for our relationship with Him and others that He has commanded us to follow. Knowing this truth, we can all improve in this area ourselves and become the consistently truthful, loving parents are children need.

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