By Stephen Leonard

Jesus Christ was resurrected in his sealed tomb in the early third of the First Century. He visibly died from crucifixion two days prior in front of numerous eyewitnesses, some friendly and some not. There is no doubt he died, but what proof is there that this man who was dead, then came to life, and walked out of his tomb?

For one, his tomb was sealed at the order of the government and securely guarded by the governor’s soldiers, so no one would possibly be able to rob his tomb of the body. But these same soldiers were rendered powerless by their paralyzing fear of seeing an “angel of the Lord” whose appearance “was like lightning,” roll away the stone at the tomb’s entrance, though it had been sealed by these same guards.

These soldiers were later bribed with large sums of money by the Jewish religious leaders to say that Jesus’ disciples came during the night and stole his body; disciples, of course, without any arms, mind you, up against well-armed Roman soldiers.

This completely false story is utterly pierced by the fact that the soldiers were charged by Pilate at the cost of their very lives to ensure Jesus’ body stayed in the tomb where it was. How, then, is it possible they allowed Jesus’ disciples to steal him away right before their own eyes?

Two, numerous eyewitnesses, at least as many as 500, in addition to his close disciples, and other certain women, saw Jesus alive and talked and even ate with him a number of times after his resurrection.

Three, most of his disciples were martyred for their testimony of the true story of Jesus’ resurrection from the dead. Not one of them recanted the veracity of what they saw with their own eyes. Instead, they were willing to die proclaiming it. The tomb is empty!

Four, tens of millions of lives down through the centuries have been transformed by their relationship with this risen Jesus. This absolutely cannot be discounted. There is no other explanation than that the risen Lord has changed their lives permanently. And Christianity continues today to be the world’s largest and most followed religion of any on the earth.

Easter is the day each year Christians celebrate the resurrection of their living Lord. He is risen! He is risen indeed! They never grow weary or bored with the truth of Jesus walking out of his tomb alive, ascending into heaven alive, and planning to return alive!

As the hymn gloriously is sung, “Jesus lives, and so shall I.” And, “Because He lives, I can face tomorrow.” This is the testimony and assurance of every genuine Christian. Jesus lives, and he is coming again!

The Paul Anderson, Youth Home family, rejoices today in the truth of Jesus’ resurrection, and we do what we do year in and year out because we serve a risen Savior! The young men who are transformed in our care are thus changed only by the Lord Jesus Christ, who lives and reigns forever in their lives and ours. Join us this Resurrection Day in celebrating Him who loved us enough to die for us, and now lives for us and in us!

2023 Chick-fil-A Road Race

We are just a few days away! It was an amazing last year with lots of fun for all ages. And this year, we’ve added even more “goodies” for every member of the family! The proceeds from the event go to benefit PAYH, Vidalia Heritage Academy, and WinShape Camps. Plus, it is a great excuse to get out and get some exercise, as well as, make new friends in the community. Register today at runvidalia.com, and we will see you at the finish line!

PAGC’s 30th Anniversary

It will be here before you know it. The 2023 Paul Anderson Golf Classic is set to kick off Monday, May 1st, 2023. We’re especially excited about this year, as it is the 30th ANNIVERSARY of this event. You can register via the website, payh.org/golf. Register now, as slots are already filling up.

Toombs-Montgomery Leadership Visit

We were privileged to host the Toombs-Montgomery Leadership at PAYH. One of our young men gave his testimony of how he came to PAYH, and how God has changed his life. They also shared a meal, prepared by the young men. Thank you, Toombs-Montgomery Leadership, for believing in and supporting our young men.

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