Last month we introduced you to the oldest member of the PAYH family; this month we’d like you to meet the youngest. Josh graduated the PAYH program in 1999 and, 20 years later, the impact his time at the Home had on his life led him to name his newborn son after our founder. Pictured on the right is Josh, his wife Patti, and his son Anderson Paul. Below you’ll find a short message from Josh testifying to the life-changing impact and the priceless difference a changed life can make.


There are people you meet that impact your life so significantly, you never forget the smallest detail about them. They make you want to be a better person, and aspire to impact as many lives as they have.  They allow you to feel safe, encourage you, and see talents you didn’t know you had.  I imagine Paul was this type of person.

I never met him, but I feel as if I know Paul.  Stories of Paul’s thundering voice from the back porch being heard across the yard, instructing and leading the boys.  His intensity for life, love of God, and his passion to help troubled young men become productive and contributing men to society can be seen throughout the Campus.  More important than the stories, is the foundation on which He and Glenda built the Home. It’s that foundation, that shaped me.  The ethics, discipline, love and spiritual guidance I received at PAYH made me the man I am today.

Anderson Paul Joiner was born April 20th at 3:36pm.  His name represents something bigger than any one of us; it epitomizes the impact Paul Anderson had on my life, even though I never met him.  I hope and pray my son can be a man like Paul.

A man’s worth should not be judged by his job or possessions, but by his legacy.  Paul’s physical strength was unmatched; his legacy is stronger!

Thank you to Paul, Glenda, staff and everyone who has supported PAYH!


Josh Joiner (PAYH Alumnus / May 1997 – Dec. 1999)

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