Cell phones are everywhere. Just take a stroll around your local mall and try to count how many people are using their cells phones as they walk around. My guess is it will be so high you’ll loose count.

Younger and younger children are now using cell phones.I f your child doesn’t have a cell phone, more than likely some of the kids they hang around do.

Parents need to know what is available on their children’s cell phones. What can be accessed wirelessly, downloaded, viewed, etc. Many parents don’t know that children are using their cell phones much more than to just make a call.

Here are some current trends on cell phones:

  1. They are becoming more and more like a mobile computer everyday. So the same risks that your children have online will transfer to the cell phone.
  2. Next year, the U.S. cell phone market will be considered fully saturated. That means everyone in this country will have or had access to cell phones.
  3. SPAM, both for business and the Adult industry will be more prevalent on cell phones
  4. Dangerous social networking sites for teens such as My Space, Facebook, Twitter, etc can be accessed fully with cell phones.
  5. Privacy will become more an more an issue. Video cameras and cameras on phones are already an issue, but Moblogs (mobile weblogs) will allow users to share every aspect of their everyday lives.
  6. Cell phone addiction will become a serious problem
  7. Access to pornography will be easier.Gone are the days of a playboy under the bed. Now any kind of filth is available online. Adult content is moving to mobile access.
  8. Cell phone communication, texting, sexting, etc…allows the user to communication without any real consequences of face to face communication. Newest studies say that one in five teens have sent nude or partially nude photos of themselves.
  9. CyberBulling is now using texting and social networking to become a greater threat to children.
  10. Parents are behind in the technological curve. Most children have a better understanding of what their cell phones are capable of than their parents.

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