“The king’s heart is a stream of water in the hand of the Lord, he turns it wherever he will.” Proverbs 21:1

This is being written well in advance of November 3. At this point I really have no idea who won. I do not even know if anyone today yet knows, because of the projected counting of mail-in ballots.

Be assured, SFTD steers clear of personal-name politics, though not from Scripture-based obedience to God’s commands. God well knows politics is part of human life. After all, God presented us with the godly instruction of Romans 13 and many other Bible passages, which refer to God-ordained human governance.

In any case, the Bible tells clearly that God directs the hearts of world leaders whom he raises up or brings to nought, turning one way or another the stream of their heart. Of course, that means not only a George Washington or Abraham Lincoln, but also an Adolph Hitler and a Josef Stalin.

Does God really direct the hearts of such heinous leaders as Hitler and Stalin? They obviously cannot over-power the sovereign God. But why are they allowed to perpetrate such evil on the populace? Both Hitler and Stalin are of their father, the devil. But where does God fit in?

This presents us with a great mystery, the mystery of sin and the goodness of God. God is not the author of sin, and His pristine character is well described in Scripture. He is perfectly holy, righteous, and good. In Him there is no blemish. So how do we account for evil leaders if God directs their hearts like a stream of water? I think such is a mystery hidden within His plan.

No matter the result of this election God is working out His sovereign plan on the earth, and we who love His Word know the final result. We know that sin continues today to present ever increasing tribulation to believers and decreasing godliness in the world, until the true King returns to establish His kingdom. The book of Revelation assures you things will get worse before they get better.

We do not know in all its details how God will accomplish His plan as He systemically moves the world toward the return of the Savior and King, but we do know He is in control and He has the back of His children in all the vicissitudes this life presents.

That does not mean you will not see hardship and trouble; you will experience the valleys of the shadow of death. But He remains ever beside you as you trust Him to deliver in one way or another. He will not give you what you cannot survive, whether in this life or beyond the veil.

We by no means even know our nation will survive till Christ’s return, but we do know His true church will prevail and all His children will be kept for eternity. The gates of hell cannot destroy the true church, nor her true members.

“God reigns” is the clarion call of the believer, no matter what the results of this election. He will never relinquish His rule nor turn from His sure plan. But He persistently exhorts you to, “…build yourselves up in your most holy faith, and praying in the Holy Spirit, keep yourselves in the love of God, waiting for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ that leads to eternal life (Jude 20-21).” So be it.

“This is my Father’s world, O let me ne’er forget that though the wrong seems oft so strong, God is the Ruler yet. This is my Father’s world: the battle is not done; Jesus who died shall be satisfied, and earth and heaven be one.”

(3rd verse of Maltbie Babcock’s hymn, “This Is My Father’s World,” 1901)

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