Paul Anderson is our founder and our hero. Not because of his Olympic Gold medal, World Records or awe-inspiring stature—it’s his strength of heart that draws us in and his legacy of love through the Paul Anderson Youth Home, which he founded in 1961.
Over the last 53 years our organization has gained experience, strength, and knowledge. We have consistently seen a 90% success rate for our graduates.
As mentioned in the 2015 Overview video, our operational vision is to be a world-class non-profit and a model for how a ministry should conduct its affairs. This makes us a leader and allows us to bring glory to God.This year we are excited to seek CARF accreditation for our program.
Keeping our focus on the Paul Anderson Youth Home mission, which is to offer the grace of Jesus Christ to hurting young men and their families, we feel our ministry has so much more potential.
After decades of working with youth and families, we feel it is time to have an even broader reach. This year, we are excited to announce that we will be opening a local counseling center to help make families strong through individual ministry, training and resources for parents, teachers, businesses, and the judicial system.
Thank you for being part of the Paul Anderson Youth Home family. Together we are building generations of stronger families. Change Starts with One.

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