What does it take to change the world? ONE. You start with one life. That life impacts others and the number becomes far greater than one!
Jonathan’s family was forever changed by the investment of others into the PAYH. Their story is powerful not only because their son’s life was changed but their lives were changed as well.
Now, they are giving back so that others can be afforded the same opportunity as their son. They give to the PAYH because it enables them to makes a difference. They support because they know what families are facing. They invest because others invested in them when they were in crisis.
When you make a contribution in the PAYH, you are join families like Jonathan’s who are making a difference in the lives of others. You are providing a spark of hope that changes lives. Through your investment, you are helping us equip young men, families, and communities with the help they need at their time of need!
Will you partner with us today?

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