As we await the time when we can resume some semblance of normalcy, I set up my office each morning on our screened back porch which overlooks the campus.  It is a common thing for me to ponder my life in this place, on this hill.

There have been many young men who have passed through our home and I have often asked myself the same question: will I see them in Heaven?  My imaginative thought immediately becomes one of our reminiscing about the time we spent on these grounds, in this home, together.

When they leave us, I always ask the Lord the same question: did we plant those seeds of truth deeply enough? We desire for each of our precious young men to experience new life in our Lord Jesus Christ.

On Good Friday, the night when our crucified Savior was laid in a tomb, the enemy thought it was finished!  What he did not know what that the very first Easter Sunday was coming with a risen Savior who had conquered death and offered eternal life to those who would receive Him. Though I’ve known Christ as my personal Savior most of my life, I’ve never stopped wondering “who am I that the King would bleed and die for me?”

This Easter morning, I want to ask each of you the same question I ask for “my boys;” have you received Him as your Lord and Savior?  Asking Jesus into your heart not only brings new life on Earth, but through Christ taking our sins on Himself, we can have life eternal, and be with our loved ones forever and ever and ever.

It sounds sad that we will not be able to gather for church this Easter Sunday, but we still have reason to rejoice. The buildings may be empty, but so was Christ’s tomb. We can be with our Heavenly Father wherever we are.  Let us rejoice for the many blessings that are ours.  Sadness is not for the Christian; joy is ours, not only in the morning, but forever. COVID-19 will pass, as will each one of us. The real question is this: will I see you in Heaven?

Happy Easter!

Glenda Anderson

Glenda Anderson 

President & Co-Founder

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