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Edwin came to the PAYH in January of 2008 from Middle Georgia as a 16 year old. He first experimented with drugs at the age of 15 and this ultimately led to him receiving drug related charges. Edwin became a Christian while in the program and graduated in July of »


Donovan had his first drink at age 12. His experimentation with drugs and alcohol would increase. He would often use physical pleasure, like sex and drugs, to mask his underlying issues. Then he came to the PAYH in November of 2011. He was challenged daily to deal with things that »


Taylor was lost when he came to the PAYH in September of 2011. He was unsure of himself and had learned to retreat within himself to avoid having to confront things he did not like. His time at the PAYH was difficult, but through it Taylor came to understand himself »


David came to the PAYH in October of 2011. Before that time, David seemed to be purposeless. But while at the home, he began to exercise and do well in school. The way he perceived himself began to change. He graduated in May 2013.


Ray grew up with his single mother in a military home. Somehow, he seemed to grow away from the love and support of his mother and became more and more isolated. He came to the PAYH in December of 2011 a very angry young man. He began to discipline himself »


It is so easy to let things get worse and worse once you start.  You get used to this lifestyle, and before you know it, you’re in over your head. My problems really started in middle school.  I just didn’t care about anything.  All I wanted to do was party.  »


Michael came to the PAYH in May of 2007. He had experimented with drugs and had become rebellious. Michael came to the PAYH to turn his life around. While at the PAYH, he renewed his faith as a Christian and was baptized. He graduated in December, 2008 after 19 months »


Drew came to the PAYH in July of 2007 from metro Atlanta as a 17 year old. At the age of 14 he had begun experimenting with drugs which led to charges surrounding trespassing and other issues. His parents sought an alternative to incarceration which led him to the PAYH. »


Sean came to the PAYH as an 18 year old in June of 2007 from Florida. He first experimented with drugs as a 12 year old and his attitude became one of rebellion towards all forms of authority. His parents and the court system turned to the PAYH for help. »


Nate came to the PAYH as a 19 year old in August of 2007 from Atlanta. He first experimented with drugs as an 18 year old and disrupted his family through his rebellion and general attitude. After his actions placed him in a hospital, Nate recognized that he could not »


Zack came to the PAYH as a 16 year old in October of 2006 from Alabama. Zack, like so many teenagers today, became involved with drugs at the age of 13, which in turn impacted all areas of his life. His father, desperately seeking help, turned to the PAYH and »


Thomas came to the PAYH as a 16 year old in February of 2007 from coastal Georgia. He first experimented with drugs as a 13 year old. Thomas’ drug use and behavior led to tension in his family. After an encounter with the authorities, his parents sought placement at the »

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