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During his time at PAYH, Lee learned there was much more to life than partying and having fun. Before he came to PAYH, he was behind in school and had no long-term plan. Now, just over a year later, he has finished high-school, received his welding certificate, and even a »


Grayson was raised in a Christian home, but was strong-willed and rebellious. He became involved in drugs and soon the hole he had dug was too deep to escape. One night, as he was out doing “God knows what,” Grayson’s mother sent him a text that read “God changed Paul’s »


Austin began experimenting with drugs at an early age. For awhile he thought he had it under control, but eventually found himself in the ER, where doctors told him he was lucky to be alive. At Paul Anderson Youth Home, Austin received a second chance and accomplished things he never »


Phillip’s family has been through many trials over the years. In order to cope with the pain of his circumstances, Phillip turned to drugs, and then to theft. This ultimately tore his family apart and resulted in his placement at PAYH. Having renewed and deepened his relationship with God, Phillip »


Andrew lived what he called a “life without love. While he had many people who loved him, he didn’t have love within himself. Eventually, he turned to drugs and alcohol. He lived in denial of his addiction, but eventually he found himself in legal trouble. After getting clean and getting back »


Hunter’s life is a story of change, hope, and redemption. Through the work God is doing at PAYH, God has radically transformed his life, and he will never be the same. Listen as he takes a few minutes to share his powerful testimony.


Jordan came to the PAYH in July of 2008 from Oklahoma. He was 21 years old at the time. He had first experimented with drugs as a 14 year old. After being charged DUI and Public Intoxication, Jordan came to the PAYH to get his life together. He came to »


Mike came to the PAYH in April of 2008 from West Georgia as a 17 year old. He had first experimented with drugs as a 13 year old. Mike, after being charged with theft and burglary, came to the PAYH to turn his life around. Mike came to the PAYH »


Edwin came to the PAYH in January of 2008 from Middle Georgia as a 16 year old. He first experimented with drugs at the age of 15 and this ultimately led to him receiving drug related charges. Edwin became a Christian while in the program and graduated in July of »


Donovan had his first drink at age 12. His experimentation with drugs and alcohol would increase. He would often use physical pleasure, like sex and drugs, to mask his underlying issues. Then he came to the PAYH in November of 2011. He was challenged daily to deal with things that »


Taylor was lost when he came to the PAYH in September of 2011. He was unsure of himself and had learned to retreat within himself to avoid having to confront things he did not like. His time at the PAYH was difficult, but through it Taylor came to understand himself »


David came to the PAYH in October of 2011. Before that time, David seemed to be purposeless. But while at the home, he began to exercise and do well in school. The way he perceived himself began to change. He graduated in May 2013.

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